My Journey Started !!

My Journey Started !!

"World" itself is a big word and carries lot many things. So this was for sure I am not going to be a small dream its too big and too many thoughts,ideas, will be there to conceptualize. Both Vs were ready to gather their experiences till date they have acquired. One was interested in Home Style Products and other in Life Style. So decided let's start with Home Decor (Cushion Covers) and Tote Bags. 

Dreaming , thinking is always easy but to materialize it was not that easy. Lot many questions,doubts were there. First thing was where I will be staying. My both Vs are staying in 2 different metro cities so with whom I have to stay was a question. Then it was decided I will stay with Vaishali in Delhi (motherly feeling) . And there were no doubts in my growth and care. Food was supposed to be taken care by Vaibhav (being more creative).  And till date I am overloaded with his creativity and can be pinned as "Plump Child". 

Manufacturing Unit was decided to be in Delhi and Creative Unit will be in Mumbai. So all set and decided but only on papers still I have to come in Live and show my presence. To create a Brand (that's me) was not so easy. You have to take care of every small aspects just like you nurture a Human Baby. My Logo which is my Face was designed which I just love. So my presence was visible now. Now I have got my name,my features(products), my attire(logo). Ready to flaunt my colorful yet Sober Character to the world.

Ready to show myself only to the world and let the world knows I am coming with so may colors for all of you. And Human World here I am with my Creative World !!

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