Me as V2G World- Preface

Me as V2G World- Preface

I was conceived in August 2016 and was born on 24/11/2017.  Quite a long journey for me to come in existence... Took long sessions, sometimes it was deliberately delayed too and coined as "useless efforts". But I was destined to come and so I am here to share my story and give you a sneak peek in my world. Happy to get more of you in my World. Any one who has creative instinct, understand weirdness of creative minds, can become part of my World and will understand my journey. I will make it sure you will love this journey as I am enjoying it's ups n down....a hopping ride. No fancy phrases, no similes or paraphrases which is tough to understand. It will be just as simple as you like. 

Basically I was a thought of Vaibhav and imposed on Vaishali (initially). Being a creative mind he is a weirdo (no offense) and she is hyper reactive for me. As both of them have temperamental issues so needed one more, Gaurav, to kept them cool. For my overall growth Varun was introduced. So as a thought I was introduced and it took quite long for me to become an action from the thought. Everyone was scared and skeptical of my existence. Two Creative Weirdos together for a single cause....first they needed the mind,anger training to stay together. One is highly creative and the other one is practical. Creativity is just your thoughts and you have to give your thoughts a perfect shape and size to make it understandable to the world. Being creative is not at all easy, as you have to make the world understand what you are thinking and in my case you can't use the words only colors and shapes are there to express. Now everyone in this world do not understand creativity. 

So from a thought I was penned down on paper and finally I am happy that I will see the world now. Now I am here to meet new more people and just like any other kid I was welcomed and loved (with few critics exceptions).....

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